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Droidcon India 2016

Droidcon India 2016

Last week, I had the privilege to speak at this year's Droidcon India edition where I gave a talk on Rebuilding BookMyShow , a topic which walks through the journey of us re-writing the Bookmyshow Android app(more on this in upcoming blog posts). You can check out the video of my talk here. While there, I got a chance to see top developers from various companies sharing their knowledge on interesting topics in Android. The following is my impression about the talks which I found interesting.

Effective Gradle Scripts - Arun Babu ASP, Daily Hunt

Arun spoke about how Gradle is both your friend and foe at the same time. He had some interesting tips about breaking up your code into separate modules to reduce build times, composite builds & how to declare your dependencies in a single file so that it can be maintained easily. These are excellent tips which we follow most of at BookMyShow as well if you are looking to reduce your build times and improve Gradle performance you should have a look at the slides below.

Slides :

The Mutable State Monster - Anup Cowkur, Go-Jek

Anup spoke about a rather unconventional topic -Mutable state which most people tend to avoid/ignore just because of the complexity involved. He explained the problems involved using easy to understand examples and the possible solutions for the same. Check out his slides below.

Slides :

Rx-ify - Garima Jain , Fueled

Garima cast her spells on the audience by explaining various operators of Rx Java and the most common use-cases for those operators. Check out the slides below.

Slides :

Jack, Jill & Java 8 - Chaitanya Nettem

Chaitanya spoke about the all new Jack & Jill compiler, explaining the new features Java 8 brings us. Check out his slides below.

Slides :

React Native In Production - Mario Stallone , Myntra

Mario spoke about how Myntra has been leveraging React Native on their app to solve the app-update problem. The talk gave some good insights and this is definitely something which we are looking forward to playing around with in the BookMyShow as well. Check out the slides below.

Slides :

Android Development at DropBox - Piotr Gurgul, Dropbox

Piotr spoke about the practices they follow in Dropbox & the team structure they have. He also spoke about the tools they use at Dropbox as well. Very interesting insights as to how they work, organise their teams and onboard new developers.

I couldn't find a link to his slides, I will update them here once I do.

Proteus:Layout Engine - Aditya Sharat , Flipkart

Aditya spoke about the new Layout engine they have been working on to render UI dynamically from the server. This is something which we ourselves at BookMyShow have been working towards as well. He explains the working of Proteus which is open-sourced as well. Check out his slides below.

Slides :


I loved Droidcon India 2016 and I am extremely honoured to be part of it, alongside so many other great developers. This year's talks had been a good mix of advanced topics and upcoming changes in Android. I managed to learn a lot from the other talks.

A big shout-out to Hasgeek for organising an amazing conference. Looking forward to Droidcon India 2017 ! Also, before I forget please take a moment to fill this quick survey to help Google make Studio better.

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